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On the innovation front, we are delivering against our unique vision of bringing planning, transactions and analytics into one unified cloud system. And with the introduction of Workday Cloud Platform, Workday is being increasingly viewed by our customers as not just an applications company, but as a platform provider too. We continue to invest heavily in our company culture and our value system, and have a great group of employees committed to delivering the highest levels of customer satisfaction to our great customers.

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When capital accumulates too rapidly, the productive capacity of the business sector can outpace the ability of the household sector to absorb the increasing production.The capitalists, or if you prefer, job creators use their increasing wealth and income to reinvest, thus increasing the productive capacity of the business they own. They also lend their accumulated wealth to other businesses as well as other entities after they have exhausted opportunities within the business they own. As they seek to deploy ever more capital, excess factories, housing and shopping centers are built and more and more dubious loans are made.

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